What Is “The Cloud”?

“The Cloud” is an often-used buzzword, but many people may not completely understand what it really means. Most of us are probably using it, but what exactly is it and where is your data going? The first thing to know is that the cloud is an actual physical infrastructure, not a floating space in air. The cloud is really a network of servers, all able to perform different functions. Some of the servers are responsible for computing power and others allow to you to store and access data. Historically these functions were done on computers and servers in homes and businesses, but cloud computing now lets us to do them through the Internet. The cloud allows users access to a network to store, process and share information, rather than using these single machines.

How will my business benefit from Nuvera’s cloud?

With Nuvera’s cloud, your business will save time, money and be more efficient. Here’s a look at how:

Local Support

As your technology partner, Nuvera wants to see you succeed. Our Territory Managers will work with you to create a customized solution for your business. And once you’re up and running, whether you currently have an IT staff or not, you’ll have access to the support of Nuvera’s team of local IT experts to help you manage your data on whatever level works best for your business.


Your budget is important, but so is having access to the latest technology to help your business grow. Easy monthly payments eliminate the up-front costs of buying expensive equipment and making updates. And, because of its scalability, you won’t need to worry about overbuying what you’ll require for future business needs. You can easily add access to more resources or downscale whenever necessary.


Your company data is safe with Nuvera. You’ll know exactly where it is inside one of our secure, centralized data centers and you will have the peace of mind knowing it’s protected from downtime behind our fully redundant network. Nuvera will also protect the physical environment of your data with battery backups and temperature control. Your data belongs to your business and will not be used for any other purpose by Nuvera

Hosted Infrastructure

Nuvera hosts the infrastructure, so when you use cloud services it won’t use the same fiber connection as your Internet line, which means it won’t slow down your speeds. Nuvera is able to customize your fiber Internet line by carving out one section of the connection for your Internet and the other for the purpose of your cloud services.

What cloud services does Nuvera offer?

Nuvera’s cloud service offerings include Disaster Recovery, Managed Security, Hosted Dedicated Servers, Business Hosted Microsoft Lync, Hosted Microsoft Exchange and more. (include website links for each).

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