5G Wireless Internet vs. Nuvera Fiber

What exactly is 5G internet and how is that different from Nuvera’s Fiber internet?

Fiber Gig speeds are the fastest internet speeds available on the market today. More homes and businesses are demanding the highest speeds to run their devices, stream videos and connect their lives.

You may have heard the buzz about 4G/5G from your wireless phone companies. They have begun selling home internet services promising easy set-up, low prices and fast speed. However, the fine details may tell a different story.

Gig vs. Generation

We all know Gig speeds are the fastest internet speeds you can get. But 5G isn’t 5 Gigs, it’s stands for 5th Generation cellular network. Essentially, home 5G service runs over the same network as cell phones. Have you noticed current 4G/5G offers often don’t advertise a specific speed? In the fine print, you’ll find current 4G networks promise only an average speed of 25Mbps, which is the federal minimum for broadband. Nuvera’s 1 Gig is equivalent to 1000Mbps.

Speed of Dedicated Fiber Connection vs. Shared Wireless Connection

If you’re one of the many people who upgraded your speed during the pandemic, 4G/5G wireless internet might be a big step backwards for you.

The 4G/5G cellular wireless connection is a shared connection. When traffic is busy on the wireless network, the internet connection gets slower. Wireless internet users can encounter buffering and slowdowns if the network use is high. Additionally, wireless network internet speed can depend on signal strength and availability, time of day, location and other factors.

Fiber connections are dedicated connections. The speed is reliable, robust and seamless for a home or business with multiple users.

Security of a Fiber Connection

Security is another aspect of fiber internet that stands superior to 5G wireless internet. A secure connection to a dedicated fiber internet connection will always be more protected than a wireless connection that is shared among multiple users. The more devices that are connected to a shared connection, the more vulnerable the entire network of devices is to increased security breaches.

Fiber Available Now in Many Areas and Expanding

Nuvera’s Gig fiber internet is reliable, lightning fast and available in several Nuvera communities now, with aggressive expansion plans reaching many more customers in 2022 and beyond.

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