Cyber Threats and Security Issues Can Create Big Risks for Business. Are You Prepared?

Nuvera’s Risk Assessment Provides 5 Key Insights for Businesses

In an ever-evolving digital landscape, it’s critical to ensure that your business is protected from potential threats to its systems, networks, and data. As technology advances, so do the methods used to target and exploit weakness found within organizations.

Nuvera’s Risk Assessment, is a service we offer businesses to help identify any issues and provide solutions to help safeguard your business’s critical information.

Cyber Threats1. Network performance.

Nuvera’s team checks on the performance of your network. Our experts can pinpoint services and processes struggling with connectivity. They can also provide insights into ways to improve network functionality.

2. Network safety and security

A risk assessment can reveal your cybersecurity vulnerabilities. Nuvera’s team of professionals can help identify weaknesses and even mimic attacks on your network to test its security. Once you’re aware of possible issues, we can help you take steps to help prevent hackers from trying to get into your network and steal information.

3. Storage capacity

You’ll learn how much space your computers and other network devices use. If they’re too full, you might experience slowdowns. You can expect to get metrics on capacity and storage, including CPU, memory, disks, drives, bandwidth, and current capacity utilization. We’ll help you determine if you need more capacity to grow or scale your business and work with you on options for increasing storage if needed.

4. Identifying issues

Nuvera’s experts can detect whether any issues are related to the network itself or the people using it. They use network monitoring software to diagnose most problems. For example, they look for signs of computer viruses, internet connectivity issues, IP addresses, slow computer performance, and VPN errors.

5. Connecting locations

A Network Risk Assessment can help you choose the right technology for connecting offices or branches in separate locations. Options include legacy infrastructures like servers and databases, but one may also find you can boost efficiencies with cloud services, virtual private networks, or remote desktops.

Nuvera is ready to be your local IT partner. Our team will help you address any risks and ensure your business is running safely and securely.

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