Learn How Local Schools, Libraries and Healthcare Facilities Can Enjoy Broadband and Telecommunications Discounts

What is the purpose of the E-rate funding program?

The E-rate program provides discounts to assist most schools, libraries and rural healthcare facilities in the United States to obtain affordable Internet access and telecommunications services. E-rate funds five types of service including data transmission services and Internet access, internal connections, managed services, and basic maintenance of internal connections.

The E-rate program supports connectivity, which is the pipeline for communications using telecommunications services and/or the Internet. The organization can help expand the quality of a student’s education, or an individual’s healthcare by improving infrastructure.

How can the E-rate program provide funding for my school, library or rural healthcare facility?

Discounts typically range from 20-90 percent of the costs of eligible services, depending on the level of poverty and the urban/rural status at the school district level. There is more than $4 billion in E-rate funds available. Eligible schools, school districts, libraries and healthcare facilities may apply individually or as part of a consortium.

There are “Category 1” and “Category 2” discounts that schools, libraries and healthcare facilities can update. Category 1 consists of data transmission services and Internet access. There is no budgetary limit for Category 1 requests, and funding is requested each year. Category 2 focuses on internal connections, managed internal broadband services, and basic maintenance of internal connections. Organizations must budget for these funding requests over a five-year period.

The FCC program provides resources such as computers, telephones, software, professional development, electrical capacity, and the other elements that are necessary for that connectivity. The program is funded through a universal service fee charged to companies that provide interstate and/or international telecommunications services.

How can Nuvera help me through the application process?

Nuvera is able to help you plan the technology “wants” for your organization and help identify areas of opportunity. The most difficult part is analyzing budgets to help plan for technology expenditures. Nuvera’s team has helped several organizations navigate the application process. Our experienced team will go the extra mile by assisting with your network plans, mapping out where your organization might be seeing Internet, Wi-Fi and service weaknesses.

Saving on Internet service and infrastructure can go a long way to free up an organization’s budget. Nuvera’s experienced staff wants to help you save, so you can give more attention to other areas of budgetary needs. Let’s connect – 844.610.5300.


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