Why do I need fiber?

One word: speed. If you want the fastest Internet possible, you need fiber. Other benefits include unlimited data; lower latency (or delay in data transfer); equal upload and download speeds; reliability; and increased property value for your home or business.

What is a NID?

A NID (Network Interface Device) is the equipment that will be placed on the outside of your home or business connecting you to the Nuvera network.

What is a pedestal and what does it do?

A telecommunications pedestal is a metal or plastic box that grants access to underground fiber optic cable for technicians. A pedestal allows technicians to quickly and easily access fiber for splicing and other vital actions needed for implementing or repairing the connection to your home.

What is an ONT

An Optical Network Terminal (ONT) is the conduit to the Internet for fiber technology, similar to how a modem is the conduit for a DSL Internet connection. When you sign up for fiber Internet, an ONT will be placed inside your house by a Nuvera technician.

What equipment will I need to buy?

In the majority of cases, customers are required to use a Nuvera modem. Our goal is to give you the best Internet experience possible, and our specially dedicated modem is part of the system that will achieve that goal.

Does the modem provide Wi-Fi?

No, the Nuvera modem does not deliver Wi-Fi and a separate router will be required. The router broadcasts the Wi-Fi signal, bringing the Internet to your devices. For an additional small monthly fee, Nuvera Home Wi-Fi can be implemented and managed in your home, taking the work out of managing and maintaining your home Wi-Fi setup. Add Nuvera IQ to Home Wi-Fi and you can customize your home network to your specific needs with just a few taps from your phone.

What does fiber Internet do that my current service doesn't?

Fiber Internet affords benefits such as faster speeds, unlimited data; lower latency (or delay in data transfer); equal upload and download speeds; reliability; and increased property value for your home or business.

What is a Gig?

1 Gig is equal to 1000 Mbps and is the fastest Internet speed available.

How much speed do I need?

Deciding how much speed is necessary for your household, ask the following questions: How many people use the Internet at the same time? How many devices are generally being used at the same time? What are those devices being used for – i.e. gaming, streaming, surfing? The more users and devices on the network, the faster the speed you will require for the best Internet experience.

What happens to my lawn when you bury the fiber to my home?

Prior to the fiber being buried, your lawn will be marked by public utilities with a variety of paint markings or flags. Any private underground facilities, such as private utility lines and sprinkler systems, must be marked by the homeowner. For more information click https://www.gopherstateonecall.org/homeowners.

When fiber is buried, there is minimal disruption to your property, with a trench just big enough for a small cable being cut into the lawn. The grass is then replaced over the top of the cable.

What happens if my lawn/landscaping is damaged?

In the unlikely event that there is a significant disruption to your property, Nuvera guarantees the restoration of any landscaping, etc.

Do I have to have the fiber equipment installed in/at my home?

In order to take advantage of fiber Internet, you will need fiber equipment installed at your house. Nuvera’s crews and our construction partners will install all the equipment needed to implement fiber Internet in your home. If the equipment is installed during our construction phase, there is no charge to the property owner.

Will I be charged for the installation of the fiber line connected to my home or business?

Installation of the fiber facilities and equipment will be free if done during our construction phase. Current customers are required to transition to our new fiber network and will be done at no charge.

What happens if I don't have the fiber equipment installed when the construction crews are working in my area?

It is best to have the fiber equipment installed when our crews are in your area. Service must be established within 60 days of becoming available or a $250 construction fee will be charged. If our crew does not install the fiber equipment at the same time as the rest of your neighborhood and you decide at some point in the future you want to move ahead with Nuvera high-speed fiber Internet, you can call our office and schedule a time for our crew to come back out and complete the line to your home. A $250 construction fee will apply or will be waived if you commit to a 2-year agreement.