Nuvera Fiber Gig Internet vs. Wireless 5G Internet – What’s the difference?

Have you ever wondered what 5G wireless internet is? How does it stack up with Nuvera’s fiber Gig speeds? Is the technology the same? Is service better on 5G or fiber? Here are a few things to consider when choosing your service.

What’s Wireless 5G?

Did you know 5G stands for fifth generation cellular network? Sometimes people think it stands for
5 Gig, which is really fast internet! Nope. Wireless 5G home internet service runs on the same network as your cell phone. This means service can sometimes be fast, but it can also be slow when there is a lot of traffic on the network. You’ll notice 5G wireless providers don’t offer a guaranteed speed for your monthly pricing. If you work from home or have multiple users who need fast speeds and reliability, 5G wireless technology might not be the right fit to connect your whole home.

What is Nuvera Fiber Gig Speed?

Nuvera’s fiber internet uses a direct connection to your home to power your internet. You don’t share the connection with anyone. Nuvera fiber internet runs on a secure fiber optic cable buried deep under the ground that connects directly to your home. This allows us to deliver the speed you want – up to a Gig through a reliable, secure connection. Your whole home, from security systems to streaming televisions to work-from-home and gaming, can all run in perfect uninterrupted fiber internet harmony.

What About Security?

Security is another important factor when choosing your service provider. A recent article in
Forbes outlined some concerns around 5G networks: “Multiple unregulated entry points to the network can allow hackers access to location tracking and even cellular reception for logged-in users. This new architecture also makes current cybersecurity practices redundant, opening up the network to dangerous attacks.”


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