Home Wi-Fi with Nuvera IQ Helps Parents Set Boundaries

Summer is finally here! Even though the vacation can be nice and restful, it may also result in kids having less structure and spending more time in front of screens. It’s critical to find a balance of appropriate usage for your child.

One way to create this balance is to implement Nuvera’s Home Wi-Fi with the easy-to-use Nuvera IQ app. The Home Wi-Fi controls enables parents to:

  • establish boundaries
  • manage access to specific websites or applications
  • set time limits
  • use content filtering to ensure a safe browsing experience
  • receive reports on approximate time each user spends on specific applications

Not only does this give parents peace of mind, but also allows children to explore the internet in a secure manner.

At Nuvera, we strive to offer services that align with your budget. One of our two different Home Wi-Fi plans is sure to be the right fit for your household needs. With prices starting at just $6.95 a month, accessing this service is both cost effective and convenient. Home Wi-Fi is also included with our fiber 500 Mbps and Gig tiers. The setup process is as simple as it gets, requiring only a modem connected to a wireless router or a wireless gateway.

Let this summer be a time of exploration, growth, and safety for your child in the vast digital environment, using Home Wi-Fi with Nuvera IQ. Learn more about Home Wi-Fi with Nuvera IQ by going to nuvera.net/services/internet/home-wifi, call 844.354.4111 or stop by your local Nuvera office.