How To Delete Messages When Your Mailbox is Over Quota

1. Log into your Nuvera email.

2. Click on Webmail.

3. Choose Webmail Lite or Tuxedo. Instructions for each are the same.

4. On the bottom left side, you will see a pie chart with your percentage used.

5. To delete messages, choose from one of the following:

a) Click on the message and then click delete on top.

b) Click on the first message, hold shift to select adjacent messages, and then click delete on top.

c) On the bottom, there is a ‘select’ drop down box. You can choose the option that best suits your needs, and then click delete at the top.

6. After you are done deleting messages click ‘Refresh’ in the upper left of your screen.

7. The “Quota Usage” percentage will update.

Please note that if your “Quota Usage” exceeds 100% you will not be able to receive any new messages. If you receive an email related to exceeding your email account quota, please contact Nuvera for tips on freeing up space and other options.