You – or someone else who uses your computer – may have installed Peer to Peer, or “P2P,” software on your computer to exchange files with other Internet users. When files are placed in the “shared” folder of the P2P software, they are available for other users to download from your computer. Unless you have been authorized by the copyright holder to distribute those files, each time someone downloads a copyrighted file from that “shared” folder, your Internet account is being used to illegally distribute those files. If you have P2P software on your computer, you should either remove the software completely, or delete any files from the “shared” folder that you have not been authorized to share.

If you want to search for P2P software on your devices, but do not know how to do it, you might start by typing the phrase “is there P2P software on my computer” into a search engine, and then use the search results to find instructions for determining whether P2P software has been installed on your computer.

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