Is Ethernet Right for Your Business?

When your business connectivity needs become complex, Ethernet might be the right solution. Ethernet is a versatile and reliable networking technology that can be used in a wide variety of applications. It is a popular networking technology around the world and is used in businesses and organizations of all sizes.

Ethernet supports operations with many users, applications and high bandwidth needs critical to your company’s success.

Ethernet for BusinessEthernet is a technology that connects devices needing large amounts of data quickly, such as computers, printers and servers. Ethernet Private Line (EPL) provides this connection with a local area network (LAN) allowing devices to communicate with each other and share files securely. Ethernet Internet Access (EIA) used a wide area network (WAN).

Ethernet is used by businesses that need to transfer large amounts of data quickly for mission critical operations. Ethernet provides a more reliable and secure network that businesses need. It operates like a private network, allowing employees, departments and business units to connect securely with robust speed and reliability.

Businesses using Ethernet often experience these benefits:

  • Increased productivity with virtual teams communicating across several geographic locations with low-latency connections.
  • Easy to use and integrate with staff as it is a familiar technology extension from your local area network.
  • Security and control. Using EPL, Ethernet is a secure connection between two sites. Additionally, you control routing and data traffic.
  • Scalable and can easily expand to accommodate more devices or higher bandwidth needs.

Additional perks of Ethernet Internet Access

Nuvera provides the functionality required by business leaders and a customized Ethernet connection that best suits their needs.

Ethernet Internet Access (EIA)

  • Internet connection with an SLA and monitoring

– 99.99% Uptime
– Shorter average repair time
– Access to priority email and phone line.
– 24/7 365 monitoring triggered by business hour emails and after-hours phone calls

A secure, private connection to your businesses cloud-applications and locations has never been more important. Nuvera can customize an Ethernet solution for your business. We’re a trusted local partner ready to work with you. Contact Nuvera Business at 844.610.5300.

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