Protect Your Home’s Technology with Nuvera’s Technology Guard

In today’s interconnected world, ensuring that your home’s technological infrastructure is in tip-top condition is more important than ever. Nuvera’s Technology Guard service is explicitly designed to give homeowners peace of mind, covering a comprehensive array of internal wiring issues that might arise, ensuring your home stays connected when it matters most.

What Does Technology Guard Cover?

Our lives are increasingly dependent on technology for work, entertainment, and staying connected with those we love. Recognizing this, Nuvera’s Technology Guard offers an extensive service covering:

  • Wire cuts/issues inside the home
  • Faulty wall jacks
  • Technician visits associated with inside wire repair
  • Bonding copper services for speed upgrades
  • Maintenance or repair of existing wiring to Nuvera owned equipment or landline phone equipment

However, certain services such as changing TV remote batteries, electrical issues, damages caused by acts of God (like floods or fires), or any willful damage by the customer are not covered under this plan.

Terms and Conditions You’ll Want to Know

Technology Guard is a testament to Nuvera’s commitment to offering seamless, uninterrupted service. By covering a broad spectrum of potential issues — from internet and television service disturbances to traditional phone service — Technology Guard ensures that your home remains a cutting-edge, interconnected space. Here’s what you need to know about the terms:

  • Coverage spans internal wiring related issues for Nuvera services.
  • The service extends to internet and television, not just phone services.
  • Commitment to a 12-month period is required, with the ability to cancel any time after.
  • In the event of cancellations within the first 12 months, customers will be billed for the remaining months.
  • Without Technology Guard, customers might face a truck roll and labor charge (~$85/visit) compared to an annual fee of $83.40 ($6.95/month) for Technology Guard.

Why Opt for Technology Guard?

Choosing Technology Guard not only offers protection against unforeseen issues but also represents substantial savings on repairs and labor expenses. It’s a small price for the assurance that your home’s technology infrastructure remains robust and functional, saving you from the inconvenience and potential costs of unexpected repairs.

As we continue to rely on technology for our daily operations, having a safety net like Nuvera’s Technology Guard can be immensely beneficial. It’s not just a service; it’s a commitment to ensuring that your digital life runs smoothly, without interruptions or hiccups — because in today’s world, being connected is not just a luxury, it’s a necessity.

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