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Keeping You Connected in Klossner

We provide a large selection of communication solutions in Klossner including high-speed internet, phone, and digital TV.

“I like how well it works. Very easy to run.”
-Sharon, New Ulm Resident

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Why Nuvera?

We’re committed to offering Klossner customers fast, affordable solutions you can trust. When you choose Nuvera you can expect:

Internet Speeds To Meet Your Needs

Nuvera’s high-speed internet solutions help you work, play, and live your way. With a growing map of NuFiber internet and quick speeds, you can rely on Nuvera to keep you connected.

Quality Customer Service and Support

You can trust the Nuvera team to support you and help with any questions or concerns.

Simple, Straightforward Pricing

We don’t use promotional pricing with significant increases. The Nuvera team can help you find the solution that works for your budget.

Internet Services in Klossner

Do more with Nuvera’s high-speed internet with unlimited data. Search your address today to check speed availability options!


Do everything faster with NuFiber in Klossner! With 99% reliability and identical upload and download speeds, Nuvera’s fiber internet will keep you connected. Our network is always expanding to deliver the service customers need today and in the future!

High-Speed Internet

Don’t lose connection while you game, work, or stream. With unlimited data on Nuvera’s high-speed network, your possibilities are endless!

High-Definition Digital TV in Klossner

Offering a diverse set of packages, Nuvera’s digital TV services delivers hundreds of channels and HD and DVR capabilities, so you never miss your favorite shows.

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Reliable Phone Services in Klossner

Keep connected to those who matter most with Nuvera’s has the home phone features you need in Klossner! We offer features such as on-screen caller ID,1 voicemail, and voicemail to email.

Wireless Phone Services in Klossner

With nationwide calling on America’s #1 network, Nuvera offers several wireless phone options in Klossner. Let our experienced team help you get the most out of our phone solutions!

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What Customers in the Klossner Area are Saying

Great speed and great people to work with.

Sleepy Eye

The Internet speeds have meet my expectations and I haven’t had any problems with it connecting.

New Ulm

Fast, friendly IT and technical support when you need it. Very few other companies offer that.

Sleepy Eye

Klossner Frequently Asked Questions

What technology solutions are available in Klossner?

At Nuvera, we’re committed to keeping you connected. That’s why we offer our customers a number of services like internet, TV, and phone. Different internet solutions may be available in different cities, so be sure to search your address and see what is available in your area!

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How much do services cost in Klossner?

We’re proud to provide fast and reliable services that are also affordable. TV and phone costs may vary depending on your location and which services you choose. If you have any questions or need assistance with choosing a solution that works for you, we’re here to help. Give us a call today or visit one of our local retail locations.

Additional Services in Klossner

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