Digital TV Rate Increases Explained

Nuvera is committed to offering our customers the best programming and services at a fair and reasonable price.

We negotiate with providers and broadcast channels to keep rates as low as possible. However, annual price increases reflect the continued rising costs from television networks who are increasing the fees they charge Nuvera for the right to distribute the programming they produce, including sporting events, shows and movies.

The rising costs also reflect a changing market. More shows are being moved away from traditional television to streaming applications owned by the networks like Paramount+ and Peacock.

The trend to move shows to streaming allows broadcasters to compete on streaming applications with Netflix and Hulu. Even Major League Baseball airs some of their games only on Apple TV, and Thursday night NFL games are only on Amazon Prime.

The retransmission fees that programmers charge to Nuvera to provide access to the local channels have tripled over the last decade and are increasing again in 2024. Broadcasters are raising customers’ rates to cover reduced viewership and lower advertising revenue on traditional television.

At Nuvera, we understand many customers are switching to streaming television. We’ve seen a substantial increase in internet bandwidth usage as a result, and we’re growing our capacity with our fiber network and are prepared to meet those new demands. We are ready to assist our customers with an account review to determine which services will meet the demands of your household.