Nuvera Communications Gig City Project Kicks Off in Goodhue

 Nuvera Gig Cities Project Connects Communities with NuFiber to the Home Bringing World-Class Speeds by Powered by Local Teams

GOODHUE, Minnesota (May 13, 2022) –Nuvera Communications, Inc. (OTC: NUVR) a diversified communications company, is officially kicking off construction for the Nuvera Gig Cities Project in Goodhue. Nuvera’s Gig Cities project connects communities with NuFiber bringing world-class symmetrical internet speeds to the home.

Nuvera’s Gig Cities Project is investing $200+ million dollars to build an enhanced fiber internet infrastructure across its network that delivers speeds ten times faster than the average speed in Minnesota. Over the last year, Nuvera and city officials have discussed the build and service plans, collaborate to create construction awareness and gear up for this current service rollout in Goodhue.

“Nuvera’s NuFiber home internet is a major leap forward in how we deliver service with industry-leading fiber optic technology throughout Goodhue, delivering world-class speeds powered by our dedicated local teams,” said Glenn Zerbe, Chief Executive Officer, Nuvera Communications. “Our communities need to connect seamlessly to school, work and life activities. Nuvera’s Gig City project ensures those connections are fast, reliable and secure now and for decades to come.”

Nuvera is rapidly expanding the service across the city with service turning up on a rolling basis now through the summer and fall. Customers can look for status on build out on interactive maps at or enter their customer information to get updated on service availability.

“Goodhue is known for cultivating a strong community and we need state-of-the-art

fiber internet infrastructure for people here to connect to work, school and other life activities,” said Kerry Bien, Goodhue Mayor. “Nuvera’s investment will create opportunities for families here right now and for decades to come.”

Learn more about the Nuvera Gig Cities project and experience the power of connection. Get updates on construction and service availability near you by visiting,


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