Set Up a Guest Network with Nuvera’s Home Wi-Fi

How often have you handed over your home Wi-Fi password to friends, relatives, your children’s friends or other visitors? It can happen frequently – someone is at your house for a weekend or even a day and they need to access the internet on their phone, laptop or tablet.

Add Nuvera’s Home Wi-Fi for the best experience. In addition to providing the option to set up a guest network, Home Wi-Fi is the ultimate solution for a robust Wi-Fi signal throughout your entire home. The Wi-Fi 6 router is fully supported by the Nuvera team with an easy-to-use app that lets you manage your network.

There are several reasons you may want to set up a guest network specifically for those visitors to your home, including:

  • Enhanced Security: Visitors often have a variety of devices, and you may not have control over their security practices. Isolating guest devices on a separate network can help prevent them from accessing sensitive data or compromising your home network’s security.
  • Privacy: By providing a separate network for guests, you can protect your own personal files, devices, and data from accidental access or intrusion. It helps maintain your privacy and ensures that your personal network remains secure.
  • Ease of Access: A guest network simplifies the process of giving visitors access to your Wi-Fi. You can provide them with a unique network name and password, and when they leave, you can change the password or disable the network without affecting your primary connection. The network name and password are easily shared via text message or by scanning a QR code on your phone.
  • Network Controls: This allows you to restrict certain websites or content for guests without affecting your own online experience.

Put your mind at ease knowing that your guests are not visiting inappropriate websites on your watch.

Regain control of your home network with Nuvera’s Home Wi-Fi with Nuvera IQ. To learn more, go to, or call 844.354.4111.