Top Concerns for Remote Workers

Aug 28, 2023Blog

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Working from home has gone from a trend to a standard in the last few years. The flexibility of working from home is undeniable but it comes with its own set of challenges.

Here are a few concerns faced by remote workers and how to address them:

Cybersecurity Threats

  • Use a VPN (Virtual Private Network), which will encrypt incoming and outgoing data when you are online.
  • Don’t open any files unless you are expecting them, and they are from a reputable source.
  • Don’t click on any links unless you are certain of the source. Hovering over the URL to inspect the source is always good practice.

Video or Audio Call Issues

  • Test your video and audio before your meeting starts.
  • Invest in a quality headset and/or webcam for best quality and productivity.
  • Using Nuvera’s Home Wi-Fi with the Nuvera IQ app, you can prioritize devices in your home. So, when you are on a web call you can make sure your computer has the bandwidth it needs.

Reliable Internet

  • Reboot your router from time to time to ensure your internet connection is running at peak performance.
  • Place your router and/or router extenders toward the center of your house and make sure there are no obstructions near them like walls or metal objects.
  • Make sure you have the speed you need. Check this interactive map on the Nuvera website or call 844.354.4111 to see what the max speed is available at your address.