We Make Technology Easy

At Nuvera, our goal is to make technology easy for all types of users. We employ a knowledgeable and courteous Technology Solutions Support team for that reason. Whether technology is frustrating to you, or your computer is in need of a tune-up, our Technology Solutions Specialists are here to give you quality, personalized support.


Expert Computer Support

Our Technology Solutions Specialists will help with answers to your computer problems. We all expect technology to work at all times, but unfortunately that is not always the case. Our Technology Solutions Specialists can help close that gap and get your computer and other electronics functioning more consistently. This may include tuning up your computer, backing up files, installing new hardware or software, or training you on steps you can take to be better educated about your devices.

In-Home Services

We’ll come to you when you need help, whether that’s for your network or installation of new products.
Do you have troubling WiFi that isn’t giving you the signal you want? Maybe you bought a new TV or sound system and need help with mounting and installation. Lucky for you our Technology Solutions Specialists can help you with all of the technology assessments and installations you require. The “smarter” our technology becomes, the more help you may need. No fear, we make technology easy.

Technology Support Plans

Our technology support plans help you prepare for the worst, and set you up for the best.
Technology problems can occur at any time, and by subscribing to our convenient and affordable Device Support Plan helps to ensure you have a knowledgeable and respected technician at your disposal when you need them. We also provide support to you when you buy new technology with our Good2Go plans.

Retail Items

Our friendly and knowledgeable staff doesn’t work on commission. They work for you.
Have you ever gone into a big box store and purchased a new electronic with no help from the staff? You don’t have to worry about that when you buy from Nuvera’s TechTrends. We do our best to make our products easy to understand, and to find out exactly what you need to give you the best experience possible. Our Technology Solutions Center has what you need.

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  • Computers
  • Wireless Phones
  • Smart Devices

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“It has been such a relief to know that Nuvera is handling everything for us. Their staff is amazing!”


Rachel A., Regional Eye Center